Scope Of Work


With over 20 years of experience, we manage every step of the process from initial concept to construction and installation. Our services include project management, site supervision, cost control, and coordination of third-party services. As a general contractor, we provide a one-stop turnkey project solution, giving our clients the comfort of dealing with a single point of contact. Throughout the project, we keep our clients informed of the progress made, providing a clear picture of what is being done so they can rest assured that they are in good hands. Our team works hard to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered and managed effectively, while maintaining open communication with our clients.


We begin our process by conducting a preliminary survey to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements and expectations. If necessary, we also provide move and/or change management services to help prepare your staff for the upcoming changes. From there, we work to develop concept designs that are tailored to your goals and needs. These concepts are then refined and confirmed based on your budget and timeline. Our team ensures that the products and services necessary for the project are sourced and compared for cost-effectiveness. In order to ensure a seamless construction timeline, we carefully coordinate the supply and delivery chain. This involves investigating every detail of the products to be used, in order to avoid potential mishaps or issues with delivery and installation.

Project & Design Management

As a design studio, we offer project management as an additional service for clients who prefer to work with a single point of contact. Our transparent approach to project management enables clients to witness the transformation of their project from conception to reality, while being guided through the technical aspects of construction and the associated cost values. Our goal is to develop lasting relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and a shared mindset. We believe that by working together closely, we can create spaces that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Free Pre-Lease Consultation

Before signing an agreement with your prospective landlord, it is crucial to be fully aware of the terms and conditions you will be agreeing to. To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line, we assist our clients by conducting a thorough review of the properties they are interested in. Our aim is to advise them on the optimal use of space while also considering any potential constructional risks that could impact their budget.

Free Preliminary Budget & Technical Project Advisory

This service includes a comprehensive budget comparison between your current premises and the potential new location you are considering. We also conduct a test-fit to determine whether the space will adequately meet your requirements. Additionally, we offer technical advice regarding the construction work required and provide a detailed timetable for the relocation process, including other matters that may affect your office move.

Feng Shui Integration

At our design studio, we recognise that a well-planned space requires more than just functional accessibility and usage. It's essential for individuals to feel comfortable and at ease within their environment. For this reason, some of our clients have approached us for Feng Shui services to enhance their space's overall quality. We believe that whatever makes a space even better must be supported, and to that end, we have integrated Feng Shui services into our offerings. We have collaborated with a well-established Feng Shui master to provide our clients with expert guidance on how to create harmonious and balanced environments that promote well-being.