Sze Hing Loong Warehouse

Chai Wan

We have converted a unit into a multifunctional interaction space in Sze Hing Loong Industrial Building, which was once a factory producing plastic products for half a century. The purpose of this conversion basically serves as an extension to the operation of an existing office environment located very close by. The requirement was that half of the industrial unit was to be allotted for storage/warehouse purpose, and the remainder of the space for mixed-use. This includes private offices, a kid’s playroom, work and team room, but the highlight is certainly a big lounge equipped for entertainment and gatherings of various nature. All this is completed with a full-on open kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

For this endeavor, we opted for an open ceiling because of the low ceiling height and deep architectural setout of this industrial building. While maximizing daylight input, the design style embraces the industrial environment by enhancing the overall ambience with bright architectural elements together with natural warm tones and textures, elevating this space to a new sophisticated experience and, at the same time, underlining the welcoming and caring aspect of hospitality.